The Hunger Games Videos







2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Videos

  1. Would you cap some things for me, please? They’re for my personal use (HG/gore love) and won’t be distributed anywhere else. Thank you:

    *From the movie companion, it’s on the right lower corner of page 149 of the forest on fire.
    *On YouTube there’s an “Evil Iguan” parody of “The Hunger Games”, the parts I need (want) capped are 1:15, 1:22, 1:46, 1:48, 3:46, 4:16.
    *In Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound” music video, 2:29 where she’s in the bedroom.
    *In the “Hunger Games: The Second Quarter Quell” video, they’re: 00:29, 02:28, 02:33, 02:51, 02:59, 03:37, 03:41, 10:29, 10:45.

    That’s it. ^_^ I know it’s a lot, I know the Quarter Quell ones are very violent and disturbing, but I love gore and The Hunger Games. Thank you!

    • I take it you’re not doing requests anymore? If so that’s fine – when I get WiFi when I go back to my aunt’s house I’ll cap them off YouTube myself!

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