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Gary Ross Explains Why He Added New Scenes to The Hunger Games

We’ve had glimpses of several deviations from the book in The Hunger Games movie, most prominently this addition of President Snow and Seneca Crane talking.

Director Gary Ross talks to Hot Hits on why he decided to add these new scenes:

“I wrote those scenes and I showed them to Suzanne, and she loved them,” he said. “I think that Suzanne would have loved to be able to cut away from Katniss as times, but she’s in a first person narrative so she can’t.”

He continued, “And Donald wrote me these letters that were so compelling about the character that they inspired me to add these scenes. And they were really about a lot of the reasons for the Games, where they came from, how they were instrumental in political control, who Snow was in regard to all that. And it made such a tonne of sense to me.”

The Style Spotlight on the Men of the Capitol

The latest update from Capitol Couture promises to be all about the Men of the Capitol.

Seneca Crane, with THAT beard and his sharp suits will be the focus, but hopefully we’ll get to see a bit more from Ceasar Flickerman and those amazing blue eyebrows.

Video: New ‘Hunger Games’ Clip featuring President Snow & Seneca Crane

IGN has exclusively released this new clip from The Hunger Games. It’s a scene that was added to the film and features a conversation between President Snow and Seneca Crane about the Games. Let us know what you think!

HQ Movie Stills of Haymitch, Katniss, Seneca and Snow

Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly released three new stills from The Hunger Games. Unfortunately, they weren’t on a great resolution and were tagged. Now, thanks to Lionsgate, we have untagged high-resolution versions of the two stills.

Videos: Official Interviews with Hunger Games Cast – The Capitol

Lionsgate released these on-set interviews with the cast of The Hunger Games. Read the listing at the beginning of each video for the topics the actor talks about.

Wes Bentley and Leven Rambin in ‘Hunger Games’ Inspired Photoshoot

Photographed by Jeff Berlin, Wes Bentley and Leven Rambin, who play Seneca Crane and Glimmer respectively in The Hunger Games, have been featured in the spring issue of Genlux magazine in a fashion shoot inspired by the themes of extreme fashion and violence in The Hunger Games.


The Gamemakers Control Room

Here’s an animated picture from the newest Hunger Games TV spot where we can see Seneca Crane and the Gamemakers control room.


More New Hunger Games Movie Stills

All photos are from The Hunger Games Illustrated Movie Companion. We’ll have them in a better quality very soon.

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