Behind The Hunger Games Soundtrack with producer Greg Wells

The man behind The Hunger Games SoundtrackGreg Wells, takes us into the development process used to create the music behind the blockbuster. Greg talks with PopMatters about collaborating with T. Bone Burnett, his favorite song on the album and more! Take a look!

As for the The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond, “It was T-Bone’s idea to bring in another producer that was more in line with Top 40 radio, which sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not,” Wells says. “But I made it to the top of his list of who he should talk to.” The first task Burnett gave Wells was creating a version of the Taylor Swift/Civil Wars song, “Safe and Sound”, that would be different than the version on the soundtrack, and more appropriate for Top 40 radio.

Hunger Games Songs from District 12 and BeyondWells explains, “[Burnett] said, ‘I’m not going to come watch you work, I’m not going to sit over your shoulder. I think you should just take these vocals and take this main acoustic guitar track, and just do what feels right to you. When you feel like the cake is baked, or baked enough, I’ll come by your studio and give it a listen.’

“So that’s exactly what I did, I just followed my nose. And that’s pretty much what I do with whoever I’m working with. I try not to overthink things, I just sort of lead with my gut feeling. Continue reading


HQ Screen Shots from the Newest Hunger Games TV Spot

New Hunger Games TV Spot – ‘Safe & Sound Review’

Today Lionsgate released another minute-long TV spot for The Hunger Games. This one features Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound” and includes a handful of critic reviews.

Video: New Hunger Games ‘Trifecta’ TV Spot

A new TV Spot for The Hunger Games has been released.

This one features Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe and Sound‘ from the Soundtrack, as well as mentioning thatThe Hunger Games has claimed the #1 Box Office spot in America!

source: Yahoo! Movies

Video: New Hunger Games TV Spot Featuring ‘Safe & Sound’

The spot features Taylor Swift’sHunger Games Soundtrack song, “Safe & Sound,” and includes some new scenes from District 12 (the bread scene!), the Reaping and a quick shot of Katniss in her bed in the Capitol. We can’t wait to see this in HQ!

HQ Music Video for ‘Safe & Sound’ from The Hunger Games Soundtrack

MTV, along with Taylor Swift, debuted the music video tonight for “Safe & Sound,” Taylor’s song with The Civil Wars for The Hunger Games Soundtrack. There are no clips from the movie (although there is a mockingjay pin sighting!), but the dreary and simple setting is a perfect feel for the mood of the book. Let us know what you think!

MTV is also doing a Q&A with Taylor that includes many Hunger Games-related questions, and we’ll post video of that once it’s finished and available.

Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars Perform Safe and Sound Live

Check out this video of Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars performing Safe and Sound, the first single from The Hunger Games companion album.

It came about when Taylor Swift showed up at The Civil Wars concert at the Ryman in Nashville.


Taylor Swift on The Hunger Games Soundtrack

Taylor Swift has revealed on Twitter that she will be on The Hunger Games soundtrack. Her track called Safe and Sound featuring the Civil Wars is now available through iTunes.

It’s quite a haunting and beautiful acoustic song.

Not long after tweeting the link to the song, #safeandsound became the top trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. and No. 2 worldwide. It was certainly a surprise that Taylor Swift was going to part of The Hunger Games soundtrack.