Photos: High Quality ‘Catching Fire’ Stills of Katniss, Prim and Gale





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EW’s Portrait of The Hunger Games Cast from Comic-Con

EW has posted this stunning portrait of The Hunger Games cast who made appearances at San Diego Comic-Con. I can’t get over how beautiful this photo is of the cast!

What do you think about the portrait?

New HQ Stills: Peeta, Gale, Prim, Mrs Everdeen and More!

Willow Shields on the Pressures of Portraying Prim

Interview Magazine talked with Willow Shields about the pressure of living up to the book, the heavy emotions in her scenes, her audition process, and working with the cast of The Hunger Games.

SYMONDS: It’s such a huge property at this point. Do you think that there was more pressure with this role than there would be with a regular role, to live up to what people had been thinking about?

SHIELDS: Definitely, especially because it’s such a huge movie and it’s a pretty important character, for me, in the book, so at first I was a little nervous not being able to become the character. Yeah, at first I was nervous.

SYMONDS: I don’t want to give anything away, the times when you are onscreen in this film are all super emotional. You’re kind of dialed up to 10, all the time, in each of your scenes. How did you prepare for that? Continue reading

New Hunger Games Movie Stills in HQ!

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More New Hunger Games Movie Stills

All photos are from The Hunger Games Illustrated Movie Companion. We’ll have them in a better quality very soon.

Source: Die Tribute von Panem