HQ Movie Still: Peeta and Effie at President Snow’s Party


High resolution picture of Effie Trinket and Peeta Mellark at President Snow’s Tribute Party in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Source: HGGirlOnFire


Photo: ‘Catching Fire’ Still of President Snow & Plutarch


The fourth photo (of five) from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire thanks to the #HungerGamesExplorer Twitter campaign is of President Snow and Plutarch Heavensbee, the Head GameMaker.

There’s just one more Catching Fire still to be revealed, so make sure you jump on Twitter and use the #HungerGamesExplorer tag to help unlock the last image on the Hunger Games Explorer site.

New ‘Catching Fire’ Stills from EW: Prim & Mrs. Everdeen, President Snow, Haymitch & Plutarch

A few more photos from Entertainment Weekly have surfaced on Tumblr. Check out these images from what looks like the party at President Snow’s mansion and a scene with Prim and Mrs. Everdeen.

tumblr_mgdu6cddud1r39o01o1_1280 tumblr_mgduolLx7E1qcy7cko1_1280 tumblr_mgdumnFfnC1qe8374o1_1280

Source: EW

New Clips from theCapitolTour.PN!

Earlier today we posted about the re-launch of The Capitol Tour. It turns out that aside from being pretty and informative on all things Hunger Games, there are some movie clips available there, too!

You can play around the site for the clips or, if you still can’t find them, our friend Code has provided us with the links. Check out these scenes, available on TheCapitolTour.pn:

Gary Ross Explains Why He Added New Scenes to The Hunger Games

We’ve had glimpses of several deviations from the book in The Hunger Games movie, most prominently this addition of President Snow and Seneca Crane talking.

Director Gary Ross talks to Hot Hits on why he decided to add these new scenes:

“I wrote those scenes and I showed them to Suzanne, and she loved them,” he said. “I think that Suzanne would have loved to be able to cut away from Katniss as times, but she’s in a first person narrative so she can’t.”

He continued, “And Donald wrote me these letters that were so compelling about the character that they inspired me to add these scenes. And they were really about a lot of the reasons for the Games, where they came from, how they were instrumental in political control, who Snow was in regard to all that. And it made such a tonne of sense to me.”

Video: New ‘Hunger Games’ Clip featuring President Snow & Seneca Crane

IGN has exclusively released this new clip from The Hunger Games. It’s a scene that was added to the film and features a conversation between President Snow and Seneca Crane about the Games. Let us know what you think!

HQ Movie Stills of Haymitch, Katniss, Seneca and Snow

Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly released three new stills from The Hunger Games. Unfortunately, they weren’t on a great resolution and were tagged. Now, thanks to Lionsgate, we have untagged high-resolution versions of the two stills.

Videos: Official Interviews with Hunger Games Cast – The Capitol

Lionsgate released these on-set interviews with the cast of The Hunger Games. Read the listing at the beginning of each video for the topics the actor talks about.

Capitol Couture Shares New GIF of Haymitch & Profile Article on President Snow

The third issue of Capitol Couture was released yesterday and includes a profile piece on President Snow.

President of Panem. Figurehead of the Capitol. Icon of style? You bet your Brioni britches!

With his ever-present white clergy shirt and dark sanguine button-up vest, President Coriolanus Snow is making a strong case for the ancient adage “less is more” — a concept about as foreign to Capitol fashionistas as D4’s bread. Speaking of D4, the leader of Panem’s Execu-chic branch always completes his classy ensemble with an impeccably tailored equally sanguine sharkskin jacket. It’s one-of-a-kind and was given to him by D4’s mayor Hunter Phillips on his very first Presidential Tour of Panem over 25 years ago. I’m sure we’d all agree: If you absolutely have to visit the Districts, a gorgeous sui generis sharkskin sport coat will serve just fine as a goodie bag.

It also includes this great GIF of Haymitch with the question “Ready for the Opening Ceremonies, Haymitch?”

New Hunger Games Images from Entertainment Weekly

This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly features The Hunger Games on the cover along with a fantastic article about the movie. And EW.com has just posted these three new exclusive images from the movie featuring President Snow, Seneca Crane, Haymitch, Katniss and the Tributes!

Click on each thumbnail below to see a larger version.