‘Catching Fire’ Movie Still of Katniss, Caesar & The Tributes

EW.com has added the latest Catching Fire still of Katniss and Caesar Flickerman (and all the Tributes) to their online image gallery as part of a slideshow of upcoming hot movie panels at San Diego Comic-Con.




HQ Movie Still: Peeta and Effie at President Snow’s Party


High resolution picture of Effie Trinket and Peeta Mellark at President Snow’s Tribute Party in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Source: HGGirlOnFire

Screencaps of THG: Catching Fire Teaser Trailer


Click on the photo to see it in its fool size. Continue reading

Photo: ‘Catching Fire’ Still of President Snow & Plutarch


The fourth photo (of five) from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire thanks to the #HungerGamesExplorer Twitter campaign is of President Snow and Plutarch Heavensbee, the Head GameMaker.

There’s just one more Catching Fire still to be revealed, so make sure you jump on Twitter and use the #HungerGamesExplorer tag to help unlock the last image on the Hunger Games Explorer site.

Photos: High Quality ‘Catching Fire’ Stills of Katniss, Prim and Gale





Source: Official Hunger Games Facebook Page

Stills from the teaser for the Catching Fire trailer

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the teaser for the teaser of  Catching Fire!  On April 14, we’ll finally get to see some real footage from The Hunger Games sequel when two and a half minutes of film will be shown at the MTV Movie Awards.

In the meantime, here’s three of the main screen shots of the snippet of footage we’ve been able to see so far.

From the three brief scenes in the teaser for the teaser, it looks like it’s Katniss and Peeta making their victory tour stop in District 11 – a significant moment in the book; a point where Katniss begins to see that a rebellion is brewing under the surface.

We can’t wait for April 14 to see that little bit more!

Capitol Couture: Haymitch Portrait

The Capitol has another two portraits for us today, the first one is our beloved District 12 mentor, Haymitch.


This image is more subtle in color than the portraits of Effie and Caesar, but it is fitting for Haymitch. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Capitol Couture: Caesar Flickerman Portrait

Yesterday, Capitol Couture revealed a portrait of Effie, the first in a series of portraits for the cast of characters in Catching FireFandango had the pleasure of sharing the next portrait – Caesar Flickerman.


Per the countdown at Capitol Couture, the next portrait will be posted today at 1pm ET.

As always, let us know what you think about the portraits.

Catching Fire Movie Still: Peeta in District 12


Here’s a closer look at Peeta. Tell us in comment section what do you like/dislike about him? :)

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Photo: Jennifer and Liam behind the scenes of Catching Fire.


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