Listen to “Horn of Plenty” by Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire’s “Horn of Plenty,” is a bit different from what we have previously heard in their “Abraham’s Daughter” track. “Horn of Plenty”  is the song recorded for the score rather than The Hunger Games OST, it’s an instrumental track that’s meant to be the national anthem of The Capitol of Panem. Check it out below and let us know what you think!


First Look Inside Panem from The Hunger Game Adventures

Here is your first look at The Hunger Games Adventure for Facebook. The Huffington Post got a first look at the  new game, which has been created in collaboration with “The Hunger Games” author Suzanne Collins, as well as the producers of the movie. You can click on the images below to see them in their full size.

Perhaps the most exciting news for fans is  the game will also feature the very first official map of Panem, the fictional world of the story. How cool is that?

The game officially launches when the film does on March 23rd, but only District 12 will be playable.  As the other films release the play area will grow.

So who’s going to play when this is released? Or are you already playing?

Source: Huffington Post

Fan-Made Photo: Map of Panem

Panem Map created by Gerri:

I researched through the books and collected information about each district, then created symbols of each of their industries and illustrated where each district would be located and what they produce based on research of current industrial production. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the map. I wanted to conceptualize the dark themes present in the Hunger Games, while still being informative and factually correct.

Gerri has done an incredible job.  Make sure you check out her map of Panem in its full size here.

The Capitol: Citizen Sighting

District Citizen John has received exclusive authorization to recreate Panem insignia. Looks great!

Listen to REDUX: Music of Panem Remixed

Redux is a collaborative album from Sam Cushion (District Tribute) & Kristen Zimmer. Sam bringing his orchestral pieces to Zimmer who then brought her electronic style and the two combined have created a unique and amazing album.

Music is amazing! What do you think?

Fan-Made Hunger Games Posters


Panem Radio Has a Mysterious Release Coming Out!

Something big is happening on Panem Radio! Due to restrictions from President Snow himself. That is all we are allowed to say…

There is something exiting going on in The Hunger Games world.

Listen Panem Radio Now! Click HERE.

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