Unlock Map of Panem in Hunger Games Adventures Game

The Hunger Games Adventures game has unveiled a new quest to find 12 seals for the Districts and the Capitol seal. Once you find all the seals the in-game map of Panem will be unlocked!

Mockingjay.net compiled this list of where you can locate the seals:

District 1: Jewelry Stand in The Marketplace
District 2: Cottage in The Village, House at The Seam
District 3: Gadgets Stand in The Marketplace
District 4: Fish barrel at The Hob, pond in Forest Escape
District 5: Electricity Pole at The Schoolyard
District 6: Terminal in the Capitol Train Station, any Train Car in The Train Yard
District 7: Woodpile by The Lake
District 8: Capitol Couture Stand in The Marketplace, Clothes Stand at The Hob
District 9: Grain sacks at The Bakery
District 10: Prim’s Goat at The Bakery, Chicken at The Seam
District 11: Apple trees in Hideout, Strawberry Plant in Hideout, Tractor in the Village

The District 12 Code: IVOLUNTEER

Be sure to get your friends playing with you, as you need someone to send you the Capitol seal.


Meet the Team Behind The Hunger Games Adventures

Do you play the official Hunger Games Facebook game?  There’s a good chance you do since there are over 150,000 players active daily. Ynetnews recently caught up with the Funtactix team, a company from Israel, behind the creation of the game and learned a bit more about them.

Things are completely different for Funtactix’ new game, “The Hunger Games Adventures.” The beta version of the Facebook game – which has players survive harsh times in District 12 with help from the heroine, Katniss – drew a million active users in a month, 150,000 of whom are active daily.

The brand and the social media platform make all the difference – along with, probably, the studio’s increasing professionalism.

Other than the story by Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games Adventures” is a typical Facebook game – based on simple, repeated actions designed to tempt the player to spend a little money to save waiting or effort. People who don’t care for this kind of game won’t change their mind, but even they will discern that the game is polished and for a Facebook game has excellent presentation. Continue reading

The Hunger Games Adventures Community Page: We Are Panem

Lionsgate has updated us with some exciting news for those of you who play ‘The Hunger Games Adventures‘ on Facebook!

You can now show off your character from the Hunger Games Adventure Facebook game in a new community called “We Are Panem“. All you have to do is upload a picture of your character, tell your story, and you may be chosen as ‘Hero of the Week’!

Check it out at We Are Panem on Facebook!

New Chapter in The Hunger Games Adventures!

Those of you following The Hunger Games Advetures game on Facebook will be excited to learn there is a new chapter to play! Your mission is to help Cinna design the outfits for the District 12 Tributes… which means the Fire Dress that started it all! Plus, there are all sorts of new goodies you can get in game!

Capitol Couture comes to The Hunger Games Adventures! Make your fashion statement! Fresh outfits, new quests and more!

Head to Facebook to play, and if you haven’t yet you might want to start – it looks pretty amazing!

Source: The Hunger Games Advetures

Video: Josh Hutcherson Introduces The Hunger Games Adventures Expansion

Funtactix, developers of The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook game, posted a video of Josh Hutcherson introducing the latest game expansion.

Josh Hutcherson introduces the latest expansion to The Hunger Games Adventures – the official Facebook game of The Hunger Games. In the latest chapter, the adventures continue as you make a heroic escape from the confines of District 12 and arrive in the splendor and excess of the Capitol. Upon arrival you will be greeted by Effie Trinket, who will act as your guide to the Capitol. Through your exploration, you will encounter other familiar characters such as everyone’s favorite stylist — Cinna. Join Effie and Cinna in the Capitol today by going to http://www.PlayTHGA.com

Everyone is Now Welcome to Play The Hunger Games Adventures!

The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook game is Now Open for everyone!

Plus, in game if you click the “Capitol TV” tab, you can see an exclusive clip from the film. We’ll just say, it’s on fire!

Click HERE to get started on your Adventure!

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New Hunger Games Adventure Poster With Katniss

Check out this new poster for the upcoming Hunger Games Adventures Facebook game! Plus exciting new details:

The Hunger Games Adventures allows players to create their own avatars (we’re already predicting scads of I<3Peeta and GaleRocks usernames) to embark on a Panem-wide mission, beginning in District 12 (where you may even rub shoulders with Katniss and the baker’s son), unlocking portions of the official map as you go. Yes, that’s right; this will be your first look at the official map of Panem. You know, just in case you’re in the midst of planning your next dystopian holiday.

Source: MTV

Official iPhone Game for Hunger Games Inspired by Sega Genesis

“The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire” app for the iPhone/iPad is based on input from Suzanne Collins and is visually inspired by the style of Sega Genesis games like Gunstar Heroes by the legendary Treasure. It’s going the opposite route of most licensed games which, let’s be honest, tend to be awful.

Co-creator Adam Saltsman notes-

“So as far as the setting, and the story, and the things that are in the game, these things are all sourced directly from the film, and by extension the books, and we even got some guidance on specific ideas from Suzanne Collins herself. But visually our inspiration comes from classic Sega Genesis games, especially Treasure games, and even more modern pixel art games like you see coming out of WayForward the last few years.” Continue reading