German Hunger Games Fans Give Fanbooks to The Cast

Back in February, The Hunger Games Germany fansite created some amazing fanbooks for The Hunger Games cast, including more than 150 graphics, pictures, artwork and letters from fans in Germany and around the world. According to the site, they wanted to create something that would show how excited and thankful fans were to see the movie.

During the movie premiere in Germany on March 16th, they had the opportunity to give the 50-page books to Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Gary Ross and Elizabeth Banks. In their words:

At 19.00 o’clock we met someone from our distrubutor. She escorted us to the VIP-lounge, were the stars were supposed to be after the red (or better black) carpet event. We were really nervous and waited for about half an hour, but to wait really was worth it!

At first Liam came up to the VIP-Lounge, not even noticing us (guess we just waited at a corner, so no one would have notice us haha). After that our caretaker from Studiocanal told us that we can give the Fanbooks as soon as everyone came up to the VIP Lounge and since Josh really took a lot of time for his fans, we just waited and waited and waited! The next person who entered the VIP-Lounge was Elizabeth Banks. Her shoes seemed like to kill her, since she literally fell into her chair. After that Jennifer and Josh came up and disappeared into the VIP-Lounge. About 5 Minutes later Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Lawrence came out and Jennifer was like: “I guess we get something, but I don’t know what!” and all we could do was smiling. We really were so nervous! Since no one of the actors knew what’s going on, Josh, Liam and Gary took their time to come too, but Jennifer called them like “Come on we get preeeeeeesents!” what was really cute!

Watch the adorable video below to see the official handover of the books to the cast. You can see more pictures of the awesome book at