Video: Hunger Games Clip – Katniss Running from Fire in Arena

While playing ‘The Hunger Games Adventures’ Facebook game, you can view this scene from the film.

The Gamemakers redirect Katniss to where they want her by using fire:


Video: Clip of Josh Hutcherson on ‘David Letterman’

Josh Hutcherson was the guest on the “Late Show with David Letterman” last night. So far we’ve only been able to find this clip where Josh talks about Jennifer Lawrence giving him a concussion on set, but we’ll post more when it’s available.

New Clips from theCapitolTour.PN!

Earlier today we posted about the re-launch of The Capitol Tour. It turns out that aside from being pretty and informative on all things Hunger Games, there are some movie clips available there, too!

You can play around the site for the clips or, if you still can’t find them, our friend Code has provided us with the links. Check out these scenes, available on

New ‘Hunger Games’ Clip: Katniss & Gale Saying Goodbye

The Huffington Post has a new clip from The Hunger Games of Gale saying goodbye to Katniss before she leaves for the Capitol. We’ve seen pieces from this clip in various trailers and TV spots, but there are some new moments here too.

Video: New ‘Hunger Games’ Clip featuring President Snow & Seneca Crane

IGN has exclusively released this new clip from The Hunger Games. It’s a scene that was added to the film and features a conversation between President Snow and Seneca Crane about the Games. Let us know what you think!

MTV Debuts NEW Hunger Games Clip : Peeta’s Interview with Caesar

MTV released this clip of Peeta’s confession during his interview with Caesar Flickerman.

Video: The Second Official Hunger Games Clip

This new Hunger Games clip debuted on Ellen today! It shows Cinna and Katniss talking before their chariot ride. What did you think of it?

Watch Now: ET Exclusive Hunger Games Clip in HQ

UPDATE: Watch the full clip now in HD without the reporter voiceover.