Photo: Lenny Kravitz Testing New Cinna Looks for ‘Catching Fire’

Ve Neill, the makeup artist for The Hunger Games, has returned for Catching Fire. In fact, she’s on the set in Atlanta today working with a couple of the cast members on their looks for the sequel!

  • “Working with Elizabeth Banks. Can’t wait to see #Pitch Perfect” – @VeNeill
  • “In the chair on set with legendary make up artist Ve Neill testing new Cinna looks for the new #HungerGames film. LK” – @LennyKravitz

Lenny shared this image with his tweet – check out all the cast members’ photos on the wall too!

Are there any changes you’d want to see to Cinna’s look in Catching Fire?


New Chapter in The Hunger Games Adventures!

Those of you following The Hunger Games Advetures game on Facebook will be excited to learn there is a new chapter to play! Your mission is to help Cinna design the outfits for the District 12 Tributes… which means the Fire Dress that started it all! Plus, there are all sorts of new goodies you can get in game!

Capitol Couture comes to The Hunger Games Adventures! Make your fashion statement! Fresh outfits, new quests and more!

Head to Facebook to play, and if you haven’t yet you might want to start – it looks pretty amazing!

Source: The Hunger Games Advetures

New High Quality Stills of The Hunger Games

We have some new High Quality stills of Seneca, Cinna, Clove, Thresh, Peeta and the Training in The Hunger Games. Take a look!

Hunger Games Inspired Tea

One of our readers discovered a website called adagio that sells many different types of tea. Seems a Hunger Games fan is in their midst, as there are quite a few tea blends inspired by characters from the story!

We searched through the site and found teas named after KatnissPeetaCinnaEffie,Finnick, and Rue. Click on each name to read the description for each of the teas – they reflect the characters quite well!

Videos: Official Interviews with Hunger Games Cast – The Capitol

Lionsgate released these on-set interviews with the cast of The Hunger Games. Read the listing at the beginning of each video for the topics the actor talks about.

Interview Magazine Talks to Lenny Kravitz About ‘The Hunger Games’

Interview magazine is featuring a new interview and photoshoot with actor Lenny Kravitz, who plays our beloved Cinna on the film. The also musician talks about how he got involved on The Hunger Games, what he thinks of the future of reality TV and his previous film work.

RAPHAEL SAADIQ: So how did you wind up in Hunger Games?
 Gary [Ross] saw Precious and said that he liked the character of Nurse John, so he thought I’d be right for the role in Hunger Games since Cinna is somebody who is looking out for somebody and is a support figure, too. So he called me down here in the Bahamas— I was actually making the album at the time. He said, “Hi, I’m making this movie called The Hunger Games. I think you’d be great. If you want it, you’ve got the part.” No audition. I was really flattered, but I had not read the book. So I downloaded it. I remember I started it late one night and I needed to go to bed—I was tired and had been recording all day and night—but I couldn’t stop reading because I was captured by the story. So I finished the book and called him back and said, “I’d love to do it.” You know, the film definitely represents these times—from government on down to reality television. It’s interesting that we’re living in these times. Really, when you go back to being in junior high school and reading George Orwell’s 1984, you’re, like, “Man, here were are . . .” Our characters have changed, our sensibilities. We’re definitely morphing into something different. Continue reading

Video: The Second Official Hunger Games Clip

This new Hunger Games clip debuted on Ellen today! It shows Cinna and Katniss talking before their chariot ride. What did you think of it?

Photos : Effie, Cinna, Haymitch, Peeta and Others in HQ

The rest of the photos is in Photo Gallery HERE


The Hunger Games Character Profile: Cinna


By now, avid Hunger Games fans are well aware that Katniss Everdeen is District 12’s first volunteer Tribute in decades – but she won’t be the only volunteer on Team 12 at the 74th Hunger Games! Meet Cinna, the hotly-tipped young stylist who — get this — actually requested to work with the D12 Tributes. We have to say, this brave if not odd entreaty has been paying off — everyone from Mayor Luna to Seneca Crane has been clamoring to see what Cinna’s got in store for 12! Continue reading