Movie Still: Peeta and Katniss on the Train



Photos: The Hunger Games Propaganda Posters

There have been some wonderful fan made Hunger Games PSA Posters in favor of both The Capitol and The Districts released, and we’ve collected a few of them for you to look at!

Listen to “Horn of Plenty” by Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire’s “Horn of Plenty,” is a bit different from what we have previously heard in their “Abraham’s Daughter” track. “Horn of Plenty”  is the song recorded for the score rather than The Hunger Games OST, it’s an instrumental track that’s meant to be the national anthem of The Capitol of Panem. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Photos: The Capitol People & Food


The Capitol Posts Letters of Support on Facebook

As we move closer to The Hunger Games movie release, moves closer to the start of its Hunger Games.

Citizens of Panem have been encouraged to submit letters of love and support for their District’s tributes to their Mayor, and now the Districts are posting them to keep all citizens’ spirits high.

District 1 Journalist (and Hob admin) Jessica reports that the letters have been sent to the Capitol and posted in an album on the District 1 Facebook page. District 12 Journalist (and fellow Hob admin) Amanda tells of a similar album being posted on District 12′s Facebook page and of a reminder being posted on the Capitol’s Facebook page.

New Hunger Games Website : Capitol Tour! has just announced a new site – Capitol Tour.  If you have already registered at, then all you have to do is log in and you will get yourself pre-registered for a virtual tour of the Capitol.  Exciting stuff!

Check it out here!

Fan-Made Hunger Games Posters