Katniss is the main character and narrator of the books.  She lives with her mom, Mrs. Everdeen, and sister, Prim, in District 12 one of the poorest areas of Panem, a fictional world.  She and her family live in the Seam, the poorest area of District 12 .  Her father was killed was killed when she was eleven in a mining explosion.  District 12 is a coal mining district. Katniss turns to illegal hunting to supplement her family’s meager existence. She is a skilled archer, trapper and hunter having learned from her father. Katniss is sixteen years old  and is described as having long, straight black hair, usually in a braid, gray eyes, and olive skin.  Katniss voluntarily takes the place of her sister, Prim, as the femal tribute in the 74th annual Hunger Games.


Gale is Katniss’ best friend and hunting partner.  His father was also killed in the same mining explosion that killed Katniss’ father.  He is two years older than Katniss and the oldest of three siblings. He is described as being tall, masculine and very handsome with black hair, olive skin, and gray eyes.  Katniss describes him as “a rebel since birth”.


Peeta is the male tribute, picked along with Katniss,  to represent District 12 in the 74th annual Hunger Games. He is a baker’s son so that makes him wealthier than most of the people in District 12 who are coal miner’s.  He goes to school with Katniss and earlier, saved her life by giving her bread when she was eleven. Peeta has blue eyes, and is described by Katniss as being “medium height, stocky build, and has ashy blond hair that falls in waves over his forehead.”


Haymitch serves as mentor to Katniss and Peeta before they enter the 74th annual Hunger Games.  He is the only surviving victor from District 12 of the Hunger Games and has been mentor for the last 25 years for the tributes from District 12.  He spends most of his time intoxicated, due in large part, from having watched so many innocent children killed during the Hunger Games.   He is described as a “paunchy, middle aged” man.


With a keen eye towards cutting edge trends and a willingness to break boundaries, Capitol-born style icon and District 12 Escort Effie Trinket has been a fashion pioneer since her very first Hunger Games. She has been known to take the iconic building blocks of contemporary Capitol fashion such as sleeves, hairpieces and bold colors and craft stunning looks that go on to influence all of Panem’s fashion-forward citizens. Whether she is chauffeuring her latest Tributes or walking the boulevards of the Capitol, Effie maintains an exquisite profile that demonstrates her spirit and the pride she takes in her work.

When it comes to the day-to-day, Effie likes to complement her exquisite full body polish with audacious garment selections paired with dazzling footwear such as the daring 24-Karat McQueen peep-toes she was recently spotted wearing in the City Circle. It’s no surprise Capitol designers are literally lining up to create her next pair. And who wouldn’t? When it comes to shoes, Effie’s got sole. “The higher the heel the better. I just love love love dropping by the City Circle in my perspex-heeled metallic booties!”

Effie serves as a chaperone for District 12′s tributes to the Hunger Games.  She has bright pink hair and, although she hates her job,  she becomes attached to Katniss and Peeta.


Cinna is Katniss and Peeta’s stylist for the games.  He gives Katniss the nickname “girl on fire” after igniting her costume in the opening ceremonies.  He develops a genuine concern for Katniss.  Most of the inhabitants of the Capitol use surgery to alter their features but Cinna wears simple clothes, leaves his brown hair cut short and wears gold eyeliner.


Rue is the tiny, twelve-year-old tribute from District 11, the agricultural district. She can fly from tree to tree and is a wonder with mockingjay bird calls. Despite her size, she scores a surprisingly high “7” during her training sessions. Her name, also, means “regret” or “sorrow”, which is a bit of foreshadowing as to what her fate will be in the Hunger Games.


Cato, from District 2, is the strongest and most threatening male tribute in the Hunger Games. He is Katniss’s main competition. Cato is a Career Tribute from one of the wealthiest districts in Panem, who has trained his whole life for the glory of the Games. For him, the Hunger Games are not so much a death sentence as a shot at eternal fame. As such, Cato is a character who is associated with power, strength, wealth, and brutality.


 Primrose Everdeen, known as Prim, is Katniss’  younger sister.  She is blonde haired, blue eyes and described as  ”very pretty and is as fresh as a raindrop, as lovely as the primrose   for which she was named”  She is twelve years old when her name is called as the tribute to represent District 12 in the 74th annual Hunger Games.  Katniss volunteers to take her place despite Prim’s objections.  Katniss says Prim is  ”the only person I’m certain I love and would do anything to protect her.”

President Coriolanus Snow:

 President Snow is the leader of Panem and villain of the story.  He resides in the Capitol.

Madge Undersee:

Madge is the mayor’s daughter and Katniss’ friend in District 12.  She gives Katniss a mockingjay pin before she goes to the Hunger Games.  This pin later becomes the symbol of rebellion.


32 thoughts on “Characters

  1. My most favorite character in the story has to be Peeta Mellark!!!!!!!! He is my love he puts the boys in my school to shame Hahahha genius so sweet and gentle and just plain ADORABLE!!!! He and Katniss belong together forever!! <33

    • Cato is cute but you know what now that I think of it he was in as a little boy race to which mountain with The Rock yeah yeah ;) :)

  2. I just finished reading Catching Fire and I wouldn’t of guest that it was a clock, the arena I know I’m a slow reader, but Cato is mixture of hot and ugly but Josh Hitcherson (Peeta) and Liam Hemsworth (gale) now that’s HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s
    the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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