HQ Movie Still: Peeta and Effie at President Snow’s Party


High resolution picture of Effie Trinket and Peeta Mellark at President Snow’s Tribute Party in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Source: HGGirlOnFire


New Clips from theCapitolTour.PN!

Earlier today we posted about the re-launch of The Capitol Tour. It turns out that aside from being pretty and informative on all things Hunger Games, there are some movie clips available there, too!

You can play around the site for the clips or, if you still can’t find them, our friend Code has provided us with the links. Check out these scenes, available on TheCapitolTour.pn:

The Capitol Tour Re-Launches

Remember back in January when The Capitol Tour launched? We weren’t really sure what it was all about at the time, but now it’s back and prettier than ever!

If you click on the “Guide” link on the bottom left-hand corner you can scroll through different links to learn more about the Hunger Games, including reviews for the film, character profiles, and links to purchase merchandise. Yet another great way to tide you over until the movie’s out.

Check it all out at TheCapitolTour.pn

Capitol Couture: Snapshots from the Opening Ceremonies

We sent one of our best photographers into the fray at one of the Capitol’s hottest Opening Ceremonies soirees to capture all the excess and excitement!

Flask in hand, D12’s Haymitch tries to drum up sponsors as he heads back to the bar. Does he look like he’s teetering to you? At least he managed to match his tie and pocket square.

Catered by the Capitol’s best — appetizers included strawberry squid foam, gelatin pancakes with crystallized foie gras beads, and mockingjay egg caviar on a nest of shredded truffles.

Taking in the action at the bar — a fluorescent Pimm’s Punch blended from D11’s freshest fruit of the season proved to be the drink of the night.

Roast suckling pig made the guests squeal with delight. However, in their case it was display only, as our spies inform us this very pig was later served to the Gamemakers during the Tribute Training sessions.

Source: CapitolCouture

The Style Spotlight on the Men of the Capitol

The latest update from Capitol Couture promises to be all about the Men of the Capitol.

Seneca Crane, with THAT beard and his sharp suits will be the focus, but hopefully we’ll get to see a bit more from Ceasar Flickerman and those amazing blue eyebrows.

Videos: Official Interviews with Hunger Games Cast – The Capitol

Lionsgate released these on-set interviews with the cast of The Hunger Games. Read the listing at the beginning of each video for the topics the actor talks about.

Capitol TV Launches On Youtube

The Capitol is up to it again. This time through their new YouTube account Capitol TV. It contains videos that are approved by the Capitol for District Citizens to watch. That means it has trailers and even fan videos.

Here’s how it looks on YouTube.

Happy Valentine’s Day from President Snow

Entertainment Weekly’s Inside Movies blog posted this image of a cool yet super creepy Valentine’s Day present they received in the mail today from none other than President Snow.

Photos: The Capitol People & Food

Source: http://biggayron.tumblr.com/