James Newton Howard Says He’ll Return to Score ‘Catching Fire’

James Newton Howard composed the score for The Hunger Games film, and he’s now confirmed that he’ll be returning for Catching Fire. According to Film Music Reporter:

James Newton Howard has confirmed in a recent interview with Filmmusicsite.comUnderscores.fr and BSO Spirit (available to listen here) at last weekend’s Ghent Film Festival that he is attached to score the upcoming The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. The composer has scored this year’s first part in the series and has also written the music for the sequel’s director Francis Lawrence’s previous two features I Am Legend and Water for Elephants.

If you listen to the audio of the interview, the very last question asked is if James will be returning for Catching Fire, and he answers “yes.”

Did you like the Hunger Games score? Are you glad James is returning for Catching Fire?


‘Catching Fire’ Filming Updates: Marriott, Norfolk Southern Bldg & Train Yard

Catching Fire is filming on the roof of the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta today, and OLV has an updated look at the set being built (looks like they’re adding a green screen to the stage/runway set up). Continue to share your theories on what scene you think they could be filming there!

So where else is Catching Fire going to be filming? According to OLV, a letter was circulated to Atlanta residents last week for additional filming taking place today at the Norfolk Southern Building. Here’s the letter that was distributed:

GGX Productions, Inc. will be filming scenes for the feature film “The Idiom” in your neighborhood. Below I have listed some key information about our shoot for you to review at your leisure:

Monday October 8, 2012 we will be filming at the Norfolk Southern Building at 99 Spring Street.

To accommodate the production, from 5AM to 10PM, the Nelson Street pedestrian bridge will be closed as well as the north sidewalk of Peters Street between Spring and Mangum Streets.

And one more filming location from OLV, as an update on previous reports of set construction at an old train yard:

We’ve also confirmed the productions crew setting up at old Pratt-Pullman Yard on Rogers Street in Northeast Atlanta are working for Catching Fire. According to one of our readers, @zachattachary, they’ve built several dwellings between the depots. They’ve also stacked rail cars on one side of the set to block it but there is a view accessible from the nearby walking trail. Based on these photos of Pullman Yards is does look like it would be a perfect location for the film.

Thoughts on what scenes could be filming at all of these locations?

Photo: Lenny Kravitz Testing New Cinna Looks for ‘Catching Fire’

Ve Neill, the makeup artist for The Hunger Games, has returned for Catching Fire. In fact, she’s on the set in Atlanta today working with a couple of the cast members on their looks for the sequel!

  • “Working with Elizabeth Banks. Can’t wait to see #Pitch Perfect” – @VeNeill
  • “In the chair on set with legendary make up artist Ve Neill testing new Cinna looks for the new #HungerGames film. LK” – @LennyKravitz

Lenny shared this image with his tweet – check out all the cast members’ photos on the wall too!

Are there any changes you’d want to see to Cinna’s look in Catching Fire?