Catching Fire Filming at Swan House Atlanta

This beautiful property in Atlanta is known as Swan House and apparently it is being used as one of the locations for Catching Fire.

Fellow fansite The Hob got word from one of their readers that the property was getting ready for filming The Hunger Games sequel. Now it seems On Locations Vacations has managed to get a bit more information on just what is planned for Swan House:

Over in our main Catching Fire post we recently added a tip, courtesy of The Hob, that The Hunger Games sequel was expected to shoot scenes at the Swan House in Atlanta soon.

Thanks to one of our tipsters we’ve now learned the Swan House will be used for a party scene for The Capitol on Sept 26, 27, 28. They also told us the shoot will include some custom-made costumes for the party goers, including a suit made out of bricks.

All of this matches up with the Swan House being listed as closed from now until September 28. Can’t wait to see what the do with it, but it certainly is a gorgeous property.


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