Predictions for Split of the Two Mockingjay Films

Once Lionsgate confirmed Mockingjay will be made into two films, we all have been wondering how they will split the story. A few media outlets have dissected the book and shared their thoughts on the subject.


Entertainment Weekly has come up with a few scenarios:

SPLIT POINT #1: District 13 is attacked
Catching Fire ends with Peeta falling into the clutches of the Capitol as Katniss, Gale, and Haymitch hole up in the underground, mysterious District 13, and Katniss begrudgingly lets the rebellion transform her into the symbol of their struggle: the Mockingjay. During a propaganda broadcast by the Capitol, Peeta manages to warn District 13 that an attack is eminent, giving everyone enough time to prepare.
The climax: In the book, District 13 is basically a giant bunker, butMockingjay Part 1 could fudge things and allow for a Helm’s Deep-like battle in which District 13 emerges the victor.
The cliffhanger: Afterwards, Katniss realizes that whatever she does as the Mockingjay to rally support will only be taken out on Peeta by the Capitol. She has a nervous breakdown, and is sedated. When she comes to, Haymitch tells her a rescue mission has been launched to save Peeta. Its leader: Gale. OMG! She could lose them both!

Next Movie has quite a few ideas as well:

Peeta, the Messenger
There’s a moment in “Mockingjay” when the Capitol presents their new prisoner Peeta Mellark to plea for the rebels to discontinue their dangerous revolutions. They’ve been holed up in District 13 and filming anti-Capitol propaganda videos in the districts, and they’ve already experienced the fallout from one ill-fated trip to District 8.

When Peeta’s first appearance on Capitol TV doesn’t work, the government tries again, this time with a Peeta shown to be savagely beaten. Peeta — obviously scripted — nixes the diplomacy and addresses Katniss directly in the interview. Katniss rightly interprets this as a direct warning to District 13 that an attack is imminent. The group dives lower into the holding and the attack indeed begins. The sound of those bombs dropping upon the rebels’ stronghold sure would leave us trembling and ravenous for resolve.

Read all of the predictions over at EW and Next Movie.

Tell us where you would like to see the story split in the comments below!


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