Rumor: Colton Haynes in the Running for Finnick?

Another actor’s name has been tossed in the mix for the role of Finnick in Catching Fire: Colton Haynes from MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” Blogger Brian Tuft says that he recently met Colton and talked with him about the role of Finnick.

When I told him he was my pick for the role, he told me that the three who were widely reported as having the role on lock [Armie Hammer, Garrett Hedlund and Taylor Kitsch] are not in the running at this point as far as he knew and that it was just a rumor. When I asked if this meant I should remain hopeful, he said yes. He has been in contact with the studio and has a meeting there next week. He kept it vague, and I understand completely. I imagine the studio wants things kept very much under wraps.

We aren’t familiar with this blogger and can’t vouch for the validity of his report, so please – as always – consider this a rumor.


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