RUMOR: Is Armie Hammer the Favorite of Director Francis Lawrence for the Role?

This week has been full of reports about the casting of Finnick Odair for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The original rumor stated there were three actors on the run for the role: The Social Network’s Armie Hammer, Battleship’s Taylor Kitsch and Tron Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund. Since then there have been conflicting reports and today we have another one. Lainey Gossip states Armie Hammer is the first choice of director Francis Lawrence for the role and that if it was to be decided tomorrow, he would choose Hammer.

Multiple sources tell me that Armie Hammer is far and away the first choice of director Francis Lawrence. That if it were up to him and “if he could start tomorrow with his dream cast, Armie would be FInnick”. At press time, nothing is final. And besides, a lot of people think this might not be the best career move for Hammer anyway. I spoke with a few talent agents who said they’d hesitate before recommending it because it ties him up for two pictures and ‘the question is whether or not he still needs to “break out”. It depends on how you see Armie’s career’. When I mentioned this to Sarah from Cinesnark she agreed. “Why would he need Catching Fire when he’s headlining The Lone Ranger?” Very good point. But…umm… also… why did he say yes to Mirror Mirror?

It’s worth remembering that Lainey Gossip was the first source that mentioned last year Jennifer Lawrence was the frontrunner for the role of Katniss, and look, they were right. But this is still a rumor and from what we know, being the director’s favorite doesn’t necessarily get you the role. It may help, though.


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