Katniss Nominated for Best Hero at the MTV Movie Awards

We have another nomination to be added to the list ‘The Hunger Games‘ is racking in for the MTV Movie Awards, making it the movie with the most nominations!

It was announced today that our heroine, Katniss Everdeen, has been nominated for the Best Hero award in the MMA’s first ever Social Voting category. Here’s what that means:

Fans of onscreen heroics should get their fingertips ready to tear up Twitter because that’s where they’ll be voting for their favorite onscreen do-gooder in the new category of Best Hero for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Beginning Tuesday (May 29) and right on through to the live show on June 3, fans can vote and track the nominees for Best Hero, presented by Sprint, via Twitter using hashtags associated with the nominees. Is your favorite hero a contender?

Here are the nominees:

  • Harry Potter, “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part 2 (#votepotter)
  • Katniss Everdeen, “The Hunger Games” (#votekatniss)
  • Thor, “Thor” (#votethor)
  • Captain America, “Captain America” (#votecaptain)
  • Jenko, “21 Jump Street” (#votejenko)

You can vote starting Today up until the live show, which airs June 3rd at 9 PM ET. And don’t forget to vote for ‘The Hunger Games‘ in their other 8 categories!

source: MTV


5 thoughts on “Katniss Nominated for Best Hero at the MTV Movie Awards

  1. Katniss should totally win; she is the most deserving out of all the others, and this is coming from a rather avid Thor and Potter fangirl!

    – In other news, would you do some scans for me from The Hunger Games Movie Companion? It’s not much, I promise—-only two. The first one is of Katniss aiming her bow and the title of the page is called “Part 1: The History of The Hunger Games” and the other one is of all 24 tributes at the Training Center, that page is called “Part 2: The Cast of The Hunger Games”. I think you may already have the second on this site, but I was looking for, like a better, HD quality version of it. Focused very well on the tributes. Sorry if that wasn’t very clear. Thank you!

    • And the one on pages 56 and 57. The part where the crew’s working on a large tree and in the upper left corner it says “An arena tree built by the production design team”.

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