Fannotate App Launching with The Hunger Games DVD

Fannotate is a new app debuting with The Hunger Games release on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download as the official companion app for the film.

According to the description in iTunes App Store:

The official companion app for THE HUNGER GAMES from Lionsgate Entertainment will get you exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to the disc production and keep you informed as the date approaches.

++ EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. Go back stage with the development of special features for the app that will be added as the release date approaches.

++ FANNOTATE. Be the first to create and share viewer commentary tracks with your friends.

++ Gestures. Flick your device to navigate the Blu-ray onscreen menus, or drag-and-tap our natural replacement to the traditional 5-button compass.

++ Discovery. Know more about what you’re watching. Get detailed notes, actor information, dates and more.

Fannotate posted an exclusive first look at the app on their Facebook page – go here to watch the video. And you can download the app for FREE in the iTunes App Store now!


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