Is Lionsgate Interested in Robert Pattinson for the Role of Finnick?

Everyone in the Hunger Games fandom is waiting with baited breath for who will be cast as fan favorite Finnick Odair. Rumors have been circulating for quite some time and the latest one involves Robert Pattinson.

TotalFilm reported this today:

Word is that Lionsgate want Pattinson and his prodigious cheekbones to take on the role of Finnick Odair, a former tribute with an eye for the ladies, who gets dragged into the Third Quarter Quell (a Hunger Games contested by previous winners).

Now while we’re slightly sceptical as to whether Pattinson would really want to throw his lot in with another teen franchise post-Twilight, the fact that his Water For Elephants collaborator Francis Lawrence is now filling the director’s chair could make this one a goer.

The Huffington Post went straight to the source and asked Lionsgate if there is any truth to the latest rumor:

“As with the first film, we won’t be confirming, denying or commenting any casting rumors for this title,” Lionsgate told HuffPost Entertainment in a statement. “We will announce news wide when there is official casting news to announce.”

We know many fans DO NOT want any Twilight-Hunger Games crossover, so we want to hear from you! Can you see Robert Pattinson as Finnick?


7 thoughts on “Is Lionsgate Interested in Robert Pattinson for the Role of Finnick?

  1. I won’t even bother to say that this isn’t possible. Well, that’s because it isn’t. Robert Pattinson is an awful actor (he had already been nominated for the Golden Rasberry Awards//Suzanne Collins of all people would be aware of how this particular choice affects the whole movie) and completely incapable of getting the role of Finnick right. Let’s just say we ignore the looks. (I personally don’t find him attractive [at all], but that’s just my opinion. Someone else may think otherwise.) Let’s say he’s good-looking. So what? He needs to possess the emotional part, too. Finnick is a character that sometimes irks us and some other times amuses us. He makes us either love him or hate him. This…”something” he has can’t be missing from the movie. If it is, half of it will be undoubtedly destroyed for the fans of the books. Robert Pattinson just doesn’t fit in the world Suzanne Collins has created. Without intending on offending anyone: No. No way. It is even worse than Kristen Stewart playing Katniss.


  2. I thought it wasn’t even allowed for anyone from “Twilight” to be in “The Hunger Games”? Robert’s already been featured in the biggest teen-grabbing sensations in Hollywood, “Harry Potter” and “The Twilight Saga”. Is it a law now that Robert must play a part in every teen movie adapation? It’s amazing he wasn’t put in “I Am Number Four” or “The Lightning Thief”, or even when the “Divergent” movie comes out be cast as Four! I’m sorry, but this is a total no. Not good-looking in the least bit. He’s only slightly attractive as Edward, but the rest of his “brothers” are sexier than him, even his own “father”. He’s not a terrible actor, Hermione, he’s just overused and lusted over to the extreme.

    Whoever dared to post as Clove is an utter disgrace to “The Hunger Games” franchise as a whole. Clove would never, ever post, “what are you talking about monster i LOVE robby!!!!!!!!!!!” It’s just appalling how fangirl-y people can act! Not tough, not bitter, not anything Clove-related. I don’t know who will be chosen for Finnick, but I DO know he’d better be atheletic, handsome, and above all, NOT Nick Cage or Robert Pattinson or Justin Timberlake! God no!

    • Ooo little poor you:-( it seems you don’t have a good vocabulary since you don’t even know the word IRONY.i don’t like RP I just made the comment cause my friend H did first and I wanted to tease her.and you don’t even know what would clove say but I know since it is my name.and what makes you think that a twilight fan would enter to a HG page?jesus

      • Oh get over yourself. It’s funny how you’re criticizing me over irony when this has nothing to do with irony. Are you in elementary school or something? Making “tease” comments. If your vocabulary is so stellar, why don’t you bother to use capitalization and periods, or properly spell out a person’s name? Look at your own flaws before complaining about someone else!

  3. O god!do you even have an idea how desperate you sound by making comments like these to an ‘elementary school kid’?it seems you know how to pick the right people to argue are so funny!

    • So you’re confirming you are in elementary school? Looks like you don’t know what sarcasm is. And, for *our* information, we both sound like idiots—arguing over a silly comment over the Internet. How about we both “pick the right people” to argue with in reality and leave each other alone!?

      And I’m the one sounding “desperate”? Least I’m not the one calling perfect strangers “so funny”. Hmm, how desperate are you to sound all big?

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