Cirrus Quell : A Hunger Games Story Teaser Trailer

New Hunger Games Fan Film Coming Soon!

Starring: Christian Von Krause, Jenny Orellana-Giron, Emeka Agada, Brandi Shink, and Nathaniel Voll
Directed, Edited, and Filmed by: Joshua Chislett
Written By: Christian Von Krause and Joshua Chislett

Plot Synopsis:
Set 51 years before Katniss Everdeen stepped foot in the arena was Cirrus Quell, the 17 year old District 7 volunteer for the 23rd Annual Hunger Games. The real reason why the Quarter Quell was created.

As requested by Avalin, one of our blog readers – here are the snapshots of the fan-made teaser trailer for the Cirrus Quell: A Hunger Games Story.



4 thoughts on “Cirrus Quell : A Hunger Games Story Teaser Trailer

  1. Would you cap Avalin’s dvd/blu-ray video for me?? I’ve already HUNTED down some but they nevr have the parts I want :( Theyre the parts where Gale’s picking up Prim and she’s screaming, the part @ 0:38 with Clove Cato & Marvel, when Katniss is walking across the log bridge and we see her boots first then we see her full body and she’s got her bow and arrows, when Peeta screams “Go!” and Katniss quickly turns around. I know its A LOT to ask for but…pretty please? *pouty face*

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