Ian Nelson (District 3 Tribute) on Acting and The Hunger Games

Ian Nelson’s hometown paper, the Winston-Salem Journal, spoke to him about landing a role in The Hunger Games, his passion for acting and his family’s support.

“The response is pretty incredible,” said Ian Nelson, a 17-year-old actor from Winston-Salem who appears in the film. “When you’re making a movie, you don’t think about when it gets in theaters.”

Ian’s character, who is not named in the film or in the book that inspired it, is one of the two tributes from District 3. In the book, his character is good with technology, a skill that comes in handy when he has to rig some land mines. That detail is not depicted in the film, though he is featured in a scene involving equipment that has been booby-trapped with those mines.

“My role’s not that big,” he said, but he was happy that much of the footage he shot made it to the screen, rather than getting left on the cutting-room floor.

“There are no small roles, only small actors,” he said. “You make the most of what you have.”

Read the full interview at Winston-Salem Journal.


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