Pieces of District 12 Being Stolen by Fans

WSOC reports:

Some overzealous fans of “The Hunger Games” have taken pieces of a building in Burke County where filming was done last summer.

Since the movie opened this spring, hundreds of people have visited the old Henry River Mill Village to take pictures. The property owner said he’s had to replace boards on two of the buildings where filming was done.

Wade Shepherd doesn’t mind people visiting his property but said he does not want anyone stealing items from the buildings that could be used for a sequel.

“I think I take a positive attitude. The 99 percent are great people. It is that 1 percent that is always going to be there,” he said.

During the weekend, the parking lot near the filming location is usually full with visitors from across the country, he said.

If they are really fans of The Hunger Games, they should be doing all they can to keep the town intact – especially since it will presumably be needed over the next few years to double as District 12 in the upcoming movies, don’t you agree?


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