NextMovie weighs in on Who Should Direct Catching Fire

After the official announcement that director Gary Ross will not be directing Catching Fire, NextMovie is getting a jump start at looking for new potential directors to take the directors seat for The Hunger Games sequel. Here are just a few of the directors on their list.

District 11 Salute Hunger GamesSteven Soderbergh

We’ve already gotten a taste of what director Steven Soderbergh can bring to the “Hunger Games” fold, as he did second unit work on the first installment and brought forth that nail-biting revolution in District 11 sequence. So, we have little doubt that Soderbergh could ably carry on the tone, message and feel of the franchise. Our friends at Hollywood Crush dig him as the next in line as well. Only problem is, he’s got his hands full with ”The Side Effects.”

Peter Jackson

If he could squeeze it into his very busy ”The Hobbit” schedule, director Peter Jackson would be an excellent choice for “Catching Fire.” Not only is he a proven book-to-film aficionado by way of “The Lord of the Rings” series, but he’s also an actor’s director and he can seriously grapple with the necessary CGI for the film. However, money was among the issues with Ross, and we can’t imagine Jackson wouldn’t cost Lionsgate double whatever Ross wanted.

Christopher Nolan

“The Dark Knight Rises” director Christopher Nolan really knows how to infuse the bigger picture into visually stunning movies. Not to mention, he’s got je ne sais quoi with franchise material and he’s an accomplished writer as well. He could easily transform the “Catching Fire” script into something large. What’s questionable, however, is whether he could echo the sentiment of girl power “The Hunger Games” has.

Ridley Scott

When it comes to gritty action movies, no one can deny the power of director Ridley Scott. And he’s already proven his muster in combat-arena-style films with “Gladiator.” Scott’s one of the busiest filmmakers in Hollywood, though, so the chances of nailing him for “Catching Fire” are probably pretty slim.

Other names on their list are David Boyle, David Slade, Rupert Sanders, Debra Granik, David Yates and Brad Bird.

Who do you want to see direct Catching Fire?

Source: NextMovie


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