Video: Could Grant Gustin Be Finnick Odair?

Grant tells ClevverTV that upon reading Catching Fire about a year ago, he felt a strong connection to Finnick. At the time he even told his friends, “I’m gonna play this part!” We love that he is such a hardcore fan of the series!

What do you think, could you see Grant Gustin as Finnick Odair? 


9 thoughts on “Video: Could Grant Gustin Be Finnick Odair?

  1. yes! Grant is PERFECT! When I was reading the books, I pictured Finnick to look exactly how Grant looks (though I hadn’t heard of Grant yet…)
    This would make my life!

  2. I think he’d be perfect! he has the look and from his previous charaters he’s played he can play up the cocky side of the character i think he’d do an amazing job! :D

  3. Stephen bradley Jones would be awesome. He is a little older, but Jennifer Lawrence and all them were cast a little older, so it would work.

  4. I CAN’T EXPLAIN HOW HAPPY I AM ABOUT THIS!! I pictured Grant as Finnick Straight away!! I am so happy other people think he should be too!!!!

  5. I think this is perfect! I had a Louis Tomlinson picture in my head the whole time reading it, but he’s not an actor so he obviously couldn’t do it, but this is like the next best thing! Much closer than some more rugged depictions of Finnick that I’ve seen.

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