The Hunger Games Crosses $600 Million at Global Box Office

Though The Hunger Games came in fourth at this weekend’s box office, the additional $11.3 million it earned was enough to put it over $600 million total worldwide.

Entertainment Weekly looks at how The Hunger Games is tracking against the last Harry Potter film.

Close behind, The Hunger Games dipped by a tiny 23 percent and earned $11.3 million in its sixth weekend on the chart. With a running total of $372.5 million, the franchise-launching blockbuster is now officially performing ahead of the highest-grossing Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, which had earned $366 million at the same point in its run. Worldwide, Hunger Games‘ impressive $601 million total doesn’t compare to Potter‘s grosses, but one can only wonder how high numbers will climb by the time The Hunger Games Saga: Catching Fire – Part 2 (Section B) in IMAX 3D finally hits theaters in 2016.

And yes, that last part is a joke. ;)  Did you see The Hunger Games this weekend?


Jennifer Lawrence Covers Italy’s Gioia Magazine

The stunning Jennifer Lawrence is the cover girl of Italy’s Gioia Magazine this May. Here are some scans of the issue courtesy of Gioia:

She looks beautiful, as usual!

Source: Gioia

WSJ: Updates on ‘Catching Fire’ Director & Script, ‘Hunger Games’ DVD

In a new article, The Wall Street Journal is taking a look at where Lionsgate is right now with the Hunger Games franchise. The article reveals that Lionsgate is close to a deal with Francis Lawrence for Catching Fire, discusses Suzanne Collins’ close involvement with the Catching Fire script, and reveals that Lionsgate is looking at August/September to release The Hunger Games DVD.

On the ‘Catching Fire‘ director:

For “Catching Fire,” now in preproduction and expected to hit theaters in fall 2013, Lions Gate—also known as Lionsgate—lost the director of the first film, Gary Ross, who issued a statement earlier this month saying he couldn’t work on the studio’s time table.

Lions Gate, which said at the time that it was sorry Mr. Ross had chosen not to direct the film, is now close to a deal with Francis Lawrence, whose previous projects include “I Am Legend” and “Constantine,” according to people familiar with the matter.

On the ‘Catching Fire‘ script:

One issue that is under control: All the primary “Hunger Games” cast members are signed up for the entire four-film series, so none are likely to follow Mr. Ross to the exit. Continue reading

Leven Rambin Talks Workouts & Training for ‘The Hunger Games’

The LA Times Health Section has a great interview with Leven Rambin about her workout and training she did for The Hunger Games. She really had to work out hard to play Glimmer and it really paid off!

You had to get in excellent physical shape for “The Hunger Games.” How long did you train, and what did you do?

I had about two months to prepare for the fight sequences and physically train. I did lots of spinning, probably an hour and a half a day. I also did boot-camp-style exercises — rolling kettle bells and balls that weighed 30 pounds across the room, using ropes, and rolling tires around, military style.

Every other day, on the days that we weren’t training, I would go hiking or running around Los Angeles, by myself or with my friends. I also did some sprinting — I was pushing myself. Dieting was also a big part of it, so no dairy and no carbohydrates whatsoever. Continue reading

Video: Is Grant Gustin right for the role of Finnick Odair?

The fan favorite to play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire was once resoundingly Alex Pettyfer, but it seems times have changed and so have the legions of Hunger Games fans. Now the huge buzz is building for Glee actor Grant Gustin to take on the role in The Hunger Games sequel.

Our friend Kaleb Nation decided to put the question out there, to see just what fans are thinking when it comes to one of the most anticipated casting decisions of the year for his 60 Second Rant.

So what do you think? Could he REALLY play Finnick?  Let us know in the comments below.

Video: Josh Hutcherson Is ‘Extremely Sad’ Gary Ross Won’t Return for ‘Catching Fire’

MTV talked with Josh Hutcherson at CinemaCon about Gary Ross stepping down as director for Catching Fire and Francis Lawrence stepping in for the job.

Video: How It Should Have Ended – Hunger Games Bonus Scene

The hilarious How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) parody of The Hunger Games has released a “bonus scene” with this explanation:

The tree scene was originally intended to be part of the rapid fight sequence of our Hunger Games HISHE, but turned out way too lengthy. It was removed for pacing but we didn’t want to keep it hidden. Here is the completed scene intended to point out how the Careers don’t quite see obvious opportunities when it comes to getting Katniss out of her tree.

Ian Nelson (District 3 Tribute) on Acting and The Hunger Games

Ian Nelson’s hometown paper, the Winston-Salem Journal, spoke to him about landing a role in The Hunger Games, his passion for acting and his family’s support.

“The response is pretty incredible,” said Ian Nelson, a 17-year-old actor from Winston-Salem who appears in the film. “When you’re making a movie, you don’t think about when it gets in theaters.”

Ian’s character, who is not named in the film or in the book that inspired it, is one of the two tributes from District 3. In the book, his character is good with technology, a skill that comes in handy when he has to rig some land mines. That detail is not depicted in the film, though he is featured in a scene involving equipment that has been booby-trapped with those mines.

“My role’s not that big,” he said, but he was happy that much of the footage he shot made it to the screen, rather than getting left on the cutting-room floor.

“There are no small roles, only small actors,” he said. “You make the most of what you have.”

Read the full interview at Winston-Salem Journal.

New Chapter in The Hunger Games Adventures!

Those of you following The Hunger Games Advetures game on Facebook will be excited to learn there is a new chapter to play! Your mission is to help Cinna design the outfits for the District 12 Tributes… which means the Fire Dress that started it all! Plus, there are all sorts of new goodies you can get in game!

Capitol Couture comes to The Hunger Games Adventures! Make your fashion statement! Fresh outfits, new quests and more!

Head to Facebook to play, and if you haven’t yet you might want to start – it looks pretty amazing!

Source: The Hunger Games Advetures

Daniel Newman reacts to the rumors he will play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire

There was a rumor going around that Daniel Newman was going to be playing Finnick Odair in the Catching Fire movie. His name was listed on IMDb. Hypable decided to go to the source and checked in with Lionsgate who laid the rumor to rest.

In the meantime, Daniel put out a tweet the other day to say this about the speculation!

Daniel Newman Twitter on Finnick Odair