The Hunger Games Sells Out More Than 1,000 Showtimes

Fandango reported yesterday that more than 1,000 showtimes have sold out for The Hunger Games’ midnight debut a week before its release, prompting theaters to offer additional 3:00 AM showtimes Friday morning! According to the press release, advance ticket sales forThe Hunger Games have surpassed the first Twilight movie at the same point in that film’s sales cycle, and Hunger Games sales currently represent 71% of ticket sales on Fandango.

Here are some more interesting stats from a survey of Fandango’s moviegoers

  • 72% say the intriguing premise and action is what attracts them most to Hunger Games; only 18% picked the love story as the main attraction
  • 57% are planning to see the movie with a group of friends
  • 46% of respondents are 25 or older; 54% are younger than 25

We can’t wait to see how well this movie does opening weekend!


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