Capitol Couture: Snapshots from the Opening Ceremonies

We sent one of our best photographers into the fray at one of the Capitol’s hottest Opening Ceremonies soirees to capture all the excess and excitement!

Flask in hand, D12’s Haymitch tries to drum up sponsors as he heads back to the bar. Does he look like he’s teetering to you? At least he managed to match his tie and pocket square.

Catered by the Capitol’s best — appetizers included strawberry squid foam, gelatin pancakes with crystallized foie gras beads, and mockingjay egg caviar on a nest of shredded truffles.

Taking in the action at the bar — a fluorescent Pimm’s Punch blended from D11’s freshest fruit of the season proved to be the drink of the night.

Roast suckling pig made the guests squeal with delight. However, in their case it was display only, as our spies inform us this very pig was later served to the Gamemakers during the Tribute Training sessions.

Source: CapitolCouture


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