Moviefone: 10 Things Fans Can’t Wait to See in The Hunger Games

Moviefone has compiled a list of 10 moments, scenes, people, or things from The Hunger Games that fans can’t wait to see in the movie adaptation.

1. The Opening Shots
“In film adaptations, I’m always so interested in the way they introduce the set and all the people — there just seems to be so much energy and excitement in those first few minutes.” – Emily Eskelsen

2. The Reaping
“When Katniss volunteers for Prim, and the Rue’s Flowers scene!” –- Wendy Raver

3. You’re Great!
“One of my favorite scenes in the book is rather small, but it shows how much Katniss and Peeta have taken notice of each other over the years. It’s when Haymitch asks if they have any skills, and they’re both rather modest and then start spouting off how talented and strong the other is. It’s a sweet moment I hope they show in the movie.” -– Isabella A.

4. Capitol Creatures
“I’m dying to see the muttations. A little scared, but still want to see them. Tracker jackers and mockingjays too. All the fantasy stuff. Oh and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch!” –- Julie Flory

5. Faithful to the Source
“First, I really want to know when they play the new song by Taylor Swift. I am hoping it is when she is placing the flowers on Rue, but probably not. I really hope they can bring to life all the cool things Collins wrote, like the dress and the characters. I want to see Peeta buried in the mud when Katniss finds him. Okay, I want it all. I really hope it stays mostly true to the book.” -– Tricia Scharnberger

Head over to Moviefone to see the rest of the list and take their poll about what you’re most looking forward to seeing. Anything you’re excited to see that didn’t make the list?


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