Jennifer Lawrence on The Cover of Delta Sky Magazine & New Interview

Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover of the March issue of Delta Sky magazine.

Here’s a part of the interview:

Like everybody else, Hunger Games’ director Gary Ross thinks Lawrence is perfect for the part. Ross says Lawrence prepared by undergoing an intense regimen of tomboy training that included lessons in archery and climbing trees. “Directors are not unlike basketball coaches, in that we see a million people walk into the gym,” he says. “But when you see Michael Jordan walk into your gym, you know who that is. It’s very similar with Jen: When you see somebody that talented, you immediately know it.” He says Lawrence possesses courage that goes beyond the physical: “I just think she’s naturally that brave. Jen has the strength and the fierceness to her. She doesn’t censor herself. She dives right into every situation.“Look, Katniss never would have known that she was capable of that if she wasn’t faced with it,” she says. “So I don’t think we really understand what we are capable of until our survival is dependent on it.” Hemingway called this “grace under pressure,” his definition of courage. But Lawrence isn’t one of the Hemingwayesque characters she plays in her movies; she understands that she’s never had to run through the woods risking her life, like Ree or Katniss—she’s just playing a part, and she wants us to understand this, too. “It’s just acting,” she says. “It’s so stupid that that’s the answer, but it’s just acting.”

Read the rest of the interview HERE.


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