Woody Harrelson Discusses How Would He Survive The Hunger Games & More

Movies.com spoke with Woody Harrelson about portraying Haymitch, what his strategy would be in The Hunger Games and much more!

Movies.com: Do you think your character is a survivor or do you think he’s just someone who happened to survive?
Harrelson: I think he’s a real survivor…he has good survival instincts.

Movies.com: If you were placed in the same situation do you think you would survive?
Harrelson: I mean, I might not make it to the end but I certainly won’t go down without a serious fight.

Movies.com: What would be your go-to technique?
Harrelson: I would find water, that would be the first thing. And then if anyone came for me I would run like hell.

Movies.com: Were you involved in the way your character was going to be presented?
Harrelson: Oh, yeah. Here’s how it happened for me. I met my brother down on Topanga Canyon, we both have motorcycles, and then I followed him up to his house. I had not seen him in a few months and [when] he takes off his helmet he’s got this stubble and [long] hair. I looked at him and said, “Haymitch.” He didn’t even know what I was talking about. [Laughs] I just saw it right away. I totally went after his look for [my character]. There were a lot of discussions. I wanted to dress better than an alcoholic would.

Movies.com: You get to play Jennifer Lawrence’s mentor. Tell us about that experience.
Harrelson: It really is great working with her. It’s a very playful experience to work with her. I think she’s a tremendous actress and she really always does go right to the truth and the heart of a scene. I can’t imagine a better Katniss. I can’t think of any actress who could have done it like this.

Woody also discusses Gary Ross and if there will be three or four films. Read the entire interview at Movies.com.


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