Josh Hutcherson on His Concussion From Jennifer Lawrence

We posted video yesterday of Jennifer Lawrence talking about kicking Josh Hutcherson in the head, which resulted in a mild concussion. Thanks to Mark Malkin at E!, now we know Josh’s side of the story!

“The only time I got hurt was when I got kicked in the side of the head by Jennifer,” Hutcherson told me last night at West Hollywood hotel Palihouse, where Nylon Guys magazine and PF Flyers was celebrating his debut on the mag’s March cover.

“We were hanging out and she was like, ‘I can kick over your head’ and I was like, ‘No way,’ ” said Hutcherson, 19. “She said, ‘Watch!’ But then she kicked me right in the temple. She felt so bad. She was crying.”

Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured. “I’ve had a couple of concussions before so I knew what it feels like when it happens,” Hutcherson said. “We had to have a neurologist come in. It ended up being a very mild concussion, but still it was a concussion.”

Head on over to E! Online to see what Josh says about getting ready for the Hunger Gameslevel of fame coming his way!


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