Win Tickets to The Hunger Games UK Premiere on March 14

It was previously rumored that the UK red carpet premiere of The Hunger Games would take place on March 14, and today that date was confirmed by The Hunger Games UK on Twitter. They also revealed the location of the premiere at London’s O2.

If you want to attend the premiere, The Hunger Games UK Facebook is running a contest to win a pair of tickets to the “celebrity-studded” screening. Go here to write a review of The Hunger Games book to enter!

The contest is open to UK residents, ages 13 and over, and ends on March 5th. Travel and accommodations are not included in the prize. No word on which cast members are expected to attend the event.


2 thoughts on “Win Tickets to The Hunger Games UK Premiere on March 14

  1. I love the hunger games book I read the first one in 4 days !!! It’s amazing I could not but it down :) I love it sooo much.It was so intense.

  2. The book can only be compared to cooking something new. Strange comparison, but cooking, you start the book totally unaware of what you need to do similarily to the day of reaping, unaware of the what will happen. To then midway where you worry about the outcome, this is when you get emotionally attatched to the book- especially with the loss of rue, and the end, the outcome, the long for more. The exhilirating race of survival withn the book does not simpley suck you in like an average decent book, it devours you swallowing you alive in the most pleasurable way you can think of, almost as if you’re swimming into the book craving to go deeper wanting for more to happen. The love between Peeta and Katniss is played well, this theme is echoed unlike other books, being original. I haven’t read a book for four years till I came accross this one, and nor do I ever want to read another book besides The Hunger Games again.

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