The Hunger Games Fan Merchandise Portal on CafePress is Now Open!

On February 14, @TheCapitolPN announced that District citizens could order free physical copies of their DIP cards through CafePress. The store on CafePress also had a number of customizable District items such as t-shirts, water bottles, magnets and more.

This week, Lionsgate launched the full Hunger Games fan merchandise portal on CafePresswhere you can buy officially licensed merchandise as well as fan-created designs.

According to the press release about the partnership with CafePress:

The official merchandise will be a sampling of all licensed products for the film, with a concentration on apparel, accessories, and novelty items. THE HUNGER GAMES fan merchandise portal will allow fans to express their love of the story in the form of self-designed t-shirts, canvas bags, water bottles, and more than 250 other products. Aficionados can explore and design products for multiple mini-shops within the main portal that will each focus on the film’s major characters and Districts.

Now that the portal is live, go take a look! You can shop by Hunger Games character, District, product, and more. You can also learn about the CafePress FanFare Design Program, which lets you create and design products for the The Hunger Games that may end up being chosen for the official Hunger Games store.

How cool is it that Lionsgate is encouraging and supporting fan creativity?!


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