Elizabeth Banks Reveals The Challenges of Her Capitol Costume

Have you ever wondered if you could pull off the Effie Trinkett look? Well think again..the worst part of Effie’s ensemble?

“The worst part about it was my nails,” Elizabeth said. “I had these crazy, long, insane fake nails—bejeweled and…just insane. And once they were on, I literally couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t—[mimes poking a finger at an imaginary phone]—iPhone, Blackberry. I couldn’t use the computer.”

Sure that doesn’t sound too bad right? You may just need a bit of practice to get the hang out it..not until you hear this..

“I couldn’t go to the bathroom. I literally couldn’t zip or unzip, or do a button. I couldn’t wipe. I couldn’t do anything.”

Why does she tell us all this?

“I just want everyone to know how far we had to go to make ‘The Hunger Games.’”

Source: MTV


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