Jennifer, Josh and Liam on The Movie Violence: “There’s Blood, Death, and Arrows Going Into People”

We discovered in Total Magazine some interesting quotes from Jennifer LawrenceLiam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson talking about the violence that will be featured in the movie and how will it be showcased.

“There’s blood, death, stabbing, spears and arrows going into people,” promises Jennifer Lawrence. “But you can have the impact of violence without being gory.”

“It’s not going to be shown as liberally as the violence in the books,” hints Liam Hemsworth. “There’s a way of shooting and editing it where you are not seeing blood and guts – that would distract from the story of Katniss’ struggle,” adds Josh Hutcherson.

At the end of the article, Jennifer Lawrence also talks about the fame that will come with the release of the movie and the first time she thought about it.

“I was here, in London, and I’d got the call the night before, offering me the part. And I was ordering a coffe and thinking, ‘A year from now, I won’t be able to do this without people taking pictures of me.’ And that was a gross thought – but that’s just the fear.” She shrugs. “I would love to call Kristen Stewart about it.”

Source: Hunger Times


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