More NEW Clips of The Hunger Games Film!!

A new TV spot for The Hunger Games movie aired tonight during Survivor. And it gave us a few new scenes from the film.

The new bits include a shot of Katniss and the Gamemakers, where we get to see a tiny bit more of Katinss showing her skills and the Gamemakers’ reaction….including a shot of a great big roasted pig, complete with an apple in its mouth!

There’s also Peeta in the training center and the reaction of the other Tributes to what he can do and finally a shot of the Gamemakers’ room with a holographic map of the arena.  Seneca Crane seems to make the call to get the games underway.

Hopefully at some stage we’ll be able to source better vision and share that with you, but in the meantime, let us know what you think.

Source: MyHungerGames


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