10 Things the ‘Hunger Games’ Movies Probably Can’t Pull Off

Whenever your favorite book is adapted to film, there’s always a little anxiety attached. And it’s understandable! How can a movie ever capture the world you’ve built up in your own head? io9 came up with their own list of things they believe probably can’t make it into the movies – either because they’re too expensive or too graphic.

Freaky Citizens of the Capital

Bruce Willis’ odd futuristic robot movie Surrogates tackled the whole “in the future people will dye their skin blue, etc.” trope, and the end result was a bit silly. Let’s hope the Hunger Games movie learns from Surrogates‘ mistakes as most of the citizens of the Capitol have wildly colored skin, hair, golden face tattoos and even cat whiskers. Because we don’t know how it’s going to turn out, if they try to conjure up an entire Tiger woman with stripes and a tail.

The Mutts!

Mutations are a very big part of the horror of Panem. In fact they’re used in just about every book to scare the pants of a new batch of tributes or rebels. There’s evil wolf mutations, white lizard people who bite the heads off their victims and much, much more. These things not only attack the tributes but take up residence in many of Katniss’ nightmares. And we’re betting they’ll be way less insane in the movie — because otherwise, the other worry is that they’ll look too silly and lose all of their menace.


We know it’s not terribly hard to get a cat to walk around and act disinterested in Katniss, it’s in their nature to make you earn their love. But Buttercup is a strange mangled little kitty. We imagine her with hairless patches, piercing yellow eyes and yet still adorable. It is going to be hard to find such a messed-up creature (that’s trained) in the real world.

Imaginary Lands

In the second book the “Quarter Quell” takes place on an island surrounded by a blue ocean with a pink sky. Turning an entire sky a different color would be insanely expensive. Our bet, they just keep it blue. This is just one example of copious odd scenery challenges we bet will go the way of the Jabberjay Bird.

Katniss Is Pretty Awful

One of the nice things about reading from the POV of Katniss is the audience gets to see what our hero is really thinking, while she puts on a performance for the cameras. Often times the hero will spit out cruel words while thinking something entirely different. While we’re confident in Jennifer Lawrence’s acting skills (she played a great conflicted Mystique in X-Men: First Class) we’re not so sure the audience won’t hate her by the second movie, if they can’t clearly see the mind-games she’s playing in order to stay alive. Fingers crossed the screenplay bridges this difficult gap, but please god no internal monologue.

To read what else is on their list, be sure to head over to io9.

From what we’ve seen so far, we think Gary Ross and co. have done a great job of capturing the Capitol citizens, but only time will tell. What do you think? Can the Hunger Games movies pull it all off?

Source: The Hob


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