Interview : Josh Hutcherson Talks Playing Peeta, and ‘Hunger Games’ Parties

In a new interview with Josh with New York Magazine’s Vulture, he talks about his work on The Hunger Games, and who he’d dress up as to a Hunger Games themed party.

So how did you first come across The Hunger Games books? What was your reaction?
I read them as soon as I found out they were being made into films. I went and got the books, and I devoured them. I read like eight hours a day! And I just fell in love with them. I love the whole world that was created, and I like the parts that are based in this reality, like how reality television is, and how our government is the one percent and we’re the 99 percent.

What’s your approach to playing Peeta?
I feel like I’m a lot like Peeta, and I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t get the part. Wouldn’t I be a bad actor if I couldn’t play myself? I think one of my biggest struggles was getting Peeta to be as strong as possible. He can come across a little soft — because he’s admitting his love for Katniss, and he’s sensitive. But he’s got a backbone. He’s got strong beliefs. He’s a people person. And we have the same sense of humor.

Have you heard that there are people throwing Hunger Games parties now, where they dress up as the characters? Kristen Bell had one for her 30th birthday.
That’s crazy. Hilarious. If someone invited me to one of those, I’d have to go as Katniss. That’s the only way to go.


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