Beautiful Hunger Games Themed Jewelry

Can’t get enough of the Hunger Games and love jewelry? Well here’s something for you!

The Forks Forest by Tena has an amazing line of Hunger Games jewelry available. They have some really neat pieces and I love the detail and thought put into each one. Here’s  a few of my favorites:

About the designer Tena :

I’ve lived in Forks, WA since I was 17.  I love to create things, and the creation of the Mockingjay jewelry and bookmarks has grown out of that passion.  I started my shop in 2009 after working on a fund raiser working with Twilight items I created and it has not transitioned into the Hunger Games items as well.  My signature creation is the Forks Forest bookmark which uses items gathered from the forest around Forks and laminated into a true Forks keepsake bookmark. I like to create affordable, true to the story creations that center around themes from the books.

To see more of Tena’s designs and how to order, head over to Forks Forest HERE.


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