Josh Hutcherson Talks About ‘Hunger Games’ Costumes

Josh Hutcherson talks to MTV about The Hunger Games’ fans and costumes. He calls The Hunger Games arena costumes “very practical” & says the flaming outfits are “very cool”.

The costumes in The Hunger Games run the gamut from extremely simple (in the Districts) to rather bizarre (in the Capitol) — but for the arena gear, Josh Hutcherson (Peeta in The Hunger Games) calls them very practical.

“They had to be,” Hutcherson told MTV, “not only for the purpose of the characters but also for us as actors because sometimes it was 95 degrees in the forest, and you’re running around and you want to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes and the appropriate attire and the right kind of shoes and everything.”

Like other cast and crew before him, Hutcherson won’t say much about the flaming costumes his character and Katniss (played by Jennifer Lawrence) wear earlier in the film.

“You’ll have to wait for it,” he said. “It’s very cool, I promise you. It’s very cool.”

Hutcherson also took a moment with MTV to reflect on the fan frenzy for The Hunger Games, which doesn’t hit theaters until March.


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