Woody Harrelson Talks ‘Hunger Games’ with MTV

MTV has a new interview with Woody Harrelson about his role as Haymitch in The Hunger Games. They talk about his character’s style; the look of the film; working with Gary Ross, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and others; his excitement about doing a sequel; and lots more!

Here’s MTV’s transcript of the interview:

“The hair, when I was thinking about what to do for the character, I hung out with my brother Brett, and that is exactly the way his hair is,” Harrelson explained of how the long, slightly shaggy hairdo came to be. “I was like, ‘OK, let’s get a wig. Let’s do the Brett Harrelson hair.’ It’s kind of cool. I really liked the look. It’s a fun character, and I think it’s going to be a good movie.”

We asked Harrelson how closely he resembles the alcoholic, unkempt, out-of-shape former champion, as described by author Suzanne Collins in the books — like, for example, if he wore a fat suit or gained a bit of weight.

“No, I didn’t want to do the paunch,” Harrelson revealed. “In many ways, I tried to go against this rough, old, typical concept of what he would be like. I don’t know yet that I succeeded, but I think it turned out good,” he said. “I loved working with Gary Ross. I think he is just a great director, an amazing guy.”

With regard to the look and feel of the big-screen adaptation, Harrelson called the visuals “staggering.”

“It’s almost impossible to describe, it’s so unusual. Even ice in the glass, even the glasses are not normal glasses. There’s nothing that you’ve seen before. It’s real original artistic vision,” he said. “I think people are going to like it.”

One of the things Harrelson liked — in addition to Haymitch, of course — was working with his young co-stars, particularly Lawrence and Hutcherson.

“I think they’re just marvelous actors. I think they just knocked it out of the park,” he gushed. “Just as people, [they are] about as fun as it gets. They really are fun folks. It’s cool, because I’ve never even done a sequel, and I just signed on to four movies, so we’re going to be spending a lot of time together between doing the movies and press and everything, so it’s great to love these guys.

“Having done this first one, I can say I do look forward to doing the next one,” he added. “It wasn’t a chore. It was actually the opposite; it was a lot of fun. They managed to mix business and pleasure really well, that whole group. I’d say we get after it again next year.”


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